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Dental care to relieve your pain and repair a dental problem sometimes requires oral surgery. If you face that option, you can count on the compassionate and experienced care of Dr. Leslie McDougall and Dr. Ira Levenson at Morrow County Dental. Whether you need a tooth extracted or a bone graft to anchor a dental implant, you’ll receive quality care and several sedation options to ensure your comfort. If you have any dental concerns, call their office in Mount Gilead, Ohio, to book an appointment.

Oral Surgery Q & A

When is oral surgery performed?

Your dentist may recommend oral surgery for the following:

Tooth extraction

When decay, infection, chips, or cracks have caused extensive damage, and you don’t have enough healthy tooth left to restore, it may need to be extracted or pulled. Your dentist may also recommend tooth extraction to prevent overcrowding and misalignment when your jaw is too small to hold all of your teeth.

Impacted tooth removal

An impacted tooth occurs when a tooth gets trapped in your gums rather than growing straight up. The impacted tooth may push nearby teeth out of their normal positions. It can also become infected and painful. Oral surgery may be used to remove an impacted tooth, but sometimes the tooth can be saved by surgically creating a path that promotes normal growth.

Gum disease treatment

Gum disease or periodontal disease is a serious threat that can damage the soft tissues and bone that support your teeth. Severe cases of gum disease may need surgery to remove infection, repair gums, and restore damaged gums or bone with tissue grafts.

Dental implant placement

Dental implants are surgically inserted into your jaw, where they’re used to replace lost teeth.

When do you need a bone graft?

You may need a bone graft to support a dental implant or restore bone that’s damaged by injury or infection. Your dentist performs a bone graft using a special bone-grafting material or by transferring bone from one part of your jaw to another.

What type of anesthesia is available during oral surgery?

You can count on comfortable oral surgery because the team at Morrow County Dental specializes in sedation dentistry. They offer several levels of sedation, so they’ll help you choose the best one for your type of surgery and degree of anxiety.

Minimal sedation involves inhaling nitrous oxide or laughing gas, which helps you relax and wears off quickly. Electronic anesthesia is an alternative type of mild sedation that uses electronic impulses to help you relax.

Conscious sedation -- oral medication about an hour before your appointment helps you relax and may be used in junction with nitrous oxide gas. You are placed on monitoring equipment. This is a moderate level of sedation with often no memory of the appointment at all -- offers a moderate level of sedation.